Melissa Mack Maruska slept through her childhood in Wilkinsburg, PA, undergraduate studies at Edinboro University  (PA), assorted graduate studies at Slippery Rock University (PA) and a masters degree in library science at Clarion University  (PA).  Her teaching career in both learning support high school and general education at the elementary school level kept her busy while she raised two sons with the man of her sweet sweet dreams.   A peacemaker by nature, she learned to avoid confrontation and wicked debates.  When her sleep became restless, she found herself fighting for the underdogs–troubled students, bullied children, educational reform and the like.  And although she never missed voting in local and national elections, she remained, for the most part, apolitical.  Asleep.

On November 9, 2016, she woke up.  And she is ready to move mountains.