Lake Wilhelm Bike Trail at Maurice K. Goddard State Park, July 2017

Sunday was one of those breathtakingly beautiful days in NW Pennsylvania. Seventy-eight degrees, low humidity, a slight breeze, and a sapphire sky peppered with puffy, white clouds. How could we not spend it on our favorite bike trail in M. K. Goddard State Park?

Unlike trails that follow old railroad beds, Goddard’s trail follows the terrain around Lake Wilhelm in a 13 mile loop.  It winds its way through cool deciduous woodlands, spikes over steep hillsides, drops down to kiss the lakeshore and passes through meadows thick with wild flowers.  Eagles nest along the wetlands, beavers smack the waters with their tails, herons stroke the air with their long legs trailing behind or stand stark still in shallow pools waiting for fish.  It did not disappoint today.

It is a well-used trail by hikers and bikers alike. Today was no exception as we passed whole families on bicycles, elderly gentlemen with walking sticks, fishermen and fisher ladies casting their lines, couples holding hands while teens jogged on by. The marina was busy as well and watercraft dotted the lake. The noticeable noise was that of human beings of all shapes and sizes, in various stages of life, enjoying this one little gorgeous spot on the planet.

And I shudder to think of Scott Pruitt and the new EPA’s assault on Mother Earth.  Tell me how we are making America great again…

PS  I think the Environmental Protection Agency is now officially a misnomer.

Photo by SleepingWomanWakes


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