America, the Beautiful
Can you think of any greater piece of resistance than the Declaration of Independence penned to England’s King George III by Thomas Jefferson in 1776? The document lays down the political and moral reasons why the 13 colonies felt it necessary to boldly stand against British rule, to continue the revolt in the name of freedom.  It was written with passion, conviction, and more than 140 characters. Clearly the colonists had arrived at a crossroads in their frustrations and were willing to risk life and limb to forge ahead with their revolution. Resistance and the fight for independence is so imbedded in our history that the act itself seems almost instinctual today.  It is what drives our patriotism, our love of country, and our demand for those inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But standing against England united us, standing against Trumpp [sic] is dividing us. The fact that so many of us feel that Trumpp [sic] and his vision of America is worthy of revolt makes this a civil war of sorts; it is an internal conflict as opposed to an external dispute with some other force. Six months into this new administration and I have yet to feel the slightest capitulation on either side. If anything it is getting worse. The tenacity of Trumpp [sic] supporters astounds me as evidenced by Trumpp’s [sic] recent campaign rallies, Fox News, the local small town parade where banners saying We Are Making America Great Again! were carried by the county Republicans, and my neighbors who have taken to their front porch on lazy summer evenings to proclaim their loyalty to the man who is struggling against Obama’s underground network of thieves, spies and propaganda. Dialogue between the factions still seems to be a long way off.

Nevertheless, it is soon to be Independence Day and most of America will be celebrating this great nation together, united in the belief that it will continue as a democracy, the land of the free and home of the brave.  And on July 5, we’ll go back to fighting for those very same things. Neil Young’s new song reminds us what is at stake and encourages us to stand up for what we believe.  I don’t believe in Trumpp [sic] but I do believe in America.  Happy Fourth.

The Declaration of Independence can found at

Photo taken roadside by the author, July 1, 2017, Mapledale, PA


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