On June 25, while touting the Republican win in the Georgia special election, Trumpp [sic] told “Fox and Friends” that the Democrats’ theme of resistance has backfired.

“That’s a terrible word. Think of it. Their theme is ‘resist.’ Their theme should be, ‘Let’s get together. Envelop. Let’s get together,’ ” Mr. Trump said in an interview that aired Sunday on “Fox & Friends.” “But their theme is resist. It’s obstruction. And the problem is they’ve become obstructionist.”

Resist. A tricky word in these trying times. This week at my Indivisible meeting a brief discussion emerged over the word “resist.”  One member brought up the negative connotations of the word and thought we should refrain from using it in reference to the group.  It was pointed out that the word is, in fact, not used in any publication about the group nor do we see ourselves as anything but a nonviolent, nonpartisan, issue based organization. Nevertheless, we are registered with Indivisible nationally and printed right there on their manual are the words “a practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda.”  And others outside of our group such as news sites and political pundits often refer to us as “The Resistance.”

I sat at the meeting and wondered if we were not resisters, then what are we? Impeders? Stander-uppers? Changers? Fighters? Hinderers? Combatants? Defiers? Alarmists? What should we call ourselves?

The Republicans have pounced on the word “resister” and have often attached violence to its meaning. They have made it synonymous with “obstructionist” as though none of them were ever party to obstructing government/Obama during his presidency.  They shut down the government, for heaven’s sake! Our Republican legislators openly and emphatically resisted a man with superb intelligence, a profound understanding of the Constitution and a willingness to work across the aisle to serve the American people for a vulgar, ignorant, bully who understands not a wit about governing or how to dignify the highest office of the land. As someone who considers herself a patriot,  a progressive who is prone to causes of compassion, how can I not resist a leader who belittles women, refers to Democrats as losers and embarrasses America daily on both the global and domestic stage? I am truly frustrated! And I am resisting.

On Nov. 8, I walked into my polling station and sighed deeply.  Every election official there was Republican and having known me for years, they knew who I would NOT be voting for.  They laughed at my sigh and one called out, “Don’t worry, Missi. It will all be over by this time tomorrow!”  “No it won’t.” I quipped. They laughed some more. I’ve never been so right.

It is not over. And, perhaps, it never should be over. We should always resist that which undermines our democracy.  If the majority party (Republican, Democrat, or other) is tipping the scales toward oligarchy or fascism or weakens the Constitution in any manner, or intends to withdraw rights from any American regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, we should resist. If those in power are pushing for a theocracy or kleptocracy or white supremacy then we should resist. The preamble of the Constitution begins “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union…” and we, the people, are the guardians of that union, the resisters who vow to protect and uphold the very tenets of the Constitution.

So… is resist the right word? I don’t know.  What I do know is that it is the right thing to do.



3 thoughts on “Resist or No?

  1. Thankfully early colonists resisted
    King George or all of us would
    be speaking w English accents.
    As women, have we not had to resist
    those males who would not grant us the right to vote? The list could go
    on, but your thoughts express that of
    many. Keep writing and I will continue to read.


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