Early in the summer of 2016, the new trellis along the patio edge was completed. Plantings were discussed and while numerous options were thrown into the mix, the only decision we made was to put a climbing yellow rose on the far end. Later in the season, we happened upon just such a rose at a discount store and bought it for $3.

Planted and nurtured, the rose filled its designated space.  We were hopeful.  The canes were healthy, the leaves perfectly shaped, the overall look on the trellis was exactly what we had envisioned.  And for $3!  The rose never developed flowers last summer but we were not concerned.  After being established and wintered over, we would surely have a glorious yellow climber in the summer of 2017.  And sure enough, in the warm days of May our rose was covered in buds.

That cheap bargain rose is now a metaphor for the 2016 presidential election and the subsequent inauguration of our current commander-in-chief.  Filled will such high expectations and despite the devoted time and energy into its cultivation, our yellow rose bloomed red. It is what it is, but dang! It is not what we worked so hard for and certainly not what we expected. Nevertheless, the rose is staying, a forever reminder that life (and elections) are full of surprises.  We will continue to water it and enjoy it as much as we can, looking for something good in a whole mess of thorns. In the meantime we remain steadfast in our search of that elusive yellow rose; a climber that will announce its arrival in spectacular fashion.



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